Articles about post wedding tasks including cake preservation, choosing photos, finances and more…

Changing Your Name


    • Changing Your Name Before You Get Married – most people will tell you that you have to wait until after your wedding until you change your name. Did you know you can change your name before you get married? Legally? Yes you can! Read more to find out how.
    • Marriage Name Change Kit – How to change your name after (or before) you get married. No matter what you want to change your name to, this manual, checklist and all the forms will help you get there.
    • Get the Right Certificate! – You’ve started the name change process, changed your name with a few insignificant organisations that you thought would be easy to start with, and then start tackling the big ones. But, what’s this? You’re told you have the wrong certificate? How many kinds of marriage certificates can there be? Read more to find out what certificate you might have, and which is the right one!
    • How to Change Your Name on Facebook - Did you know that a large proportion of brides change their marriage status on facebook before their wedding reception has even begun? Find out how to change your status, and more importantly, how to change your name on facebook.
    • Your Marriage Name Change Options and New Signature – what can you change your name to after you get married? There are a number of options, and probably a few that you haven’t thought of before. Get our low down on your name changing options! And, if you’re anything like me you have been practicing your new signature for a while. You may have already narrowed down a few signatures you could use. But what if you get it wrong? Once it’s on your driver’s license, credit card and passport it’s stuck! Use my tips (and those that other brides have sent in) to make sure you get your new signature right the first time.

Post Wedding Wrap-Up


    • Post Wedding Checklist - There is a lot do do after your wedding, and these articles will help you get started. But, the best way to make sure there aren’t tasks hanging around for weeks or even months is to download our free post wedding checklist. Let’s get organised!
    • Left Over Wedding Cake – what do you do with it? Eat it? Store it? Freeze it? There are a few popular traditions you might want to check out too.
    • Organising Your Wedding Photos – because most photographs limit the number of photos you can have in your album based on the package price you pay, choosing the right photos is extremely important. And not only is it a matter of cost, but you’re going to want to look back at your photos in the years to come and see the right memories. Here are some tips from seasoned brides about how to choose the right photos. And, uploading your photos to a speciality photo website (as opposed to just facebook or instagram) can be a great way to share your photos with your wedding guests. Here are my favourite photo websites that you can use.
    • Selling Your Wedding Dress – There are a lot of options these days for selling your wedding dress, from selling on a ebay style site, to basic classifieds, or to an intermediary. See which way might be the best for you.
    • Finances and Budgeting - Are you saving for a house? Or just trying to pay your wedding off? I’ve put together a free budgeting spreadsheet for you to help you get your finances in check. You can download it here.
    • Starting a Family – The wedding’s over, what comes next? Babies! Okay, so maybe not straight away, but for a lot of couples it’s the logical next step. Even if you’re not ready to dive into baby-land straight away, it can help to prepare mentally and physically. Read this article to see if you are ready, and if not, these tips might help you get there.
    • Will Kit – Next to signing on the dotted line on your wedding day, you should be signing your new Will. Why? Because your previous Will is now null and void. Or if you didn’t have one, now is the time to make sure your belongings end up in your partner’s hands if anything happens to you (because it’s not automatic!)




        • Free Facebook Timeline Covers – (about half way down the page) the perfect way to announce you’re now a Mrs and show off your wedding photos is with our customised facebook timeline covers. Have a look, download them for free, and add your wedding photos.

Moving House


    • Moving Kit Checklist – use this handy checklist that counts you down from the months before your move, to moving day and those post moving tasks that you need to get done.
    • Moving Kit Manual – an item by item and step by step guide for your next house move. Don’t move home without it!




    • Anniversary Gifts Colours, Stones and Flowers – I’ve listed the modern and traditional gifts, colours, stones and flowers here for your first anniversary through to your 50th. (PS. You might want to let your partner in on this site as well!)