The Easy, Complete Kit
to Change Your Name After Marriage

Name Change Kit

Congrats on your wedding!
Here’s everything you’ll need to officially, legally change your name

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Why change your name after getting married?

While lots of brides (and grooms) decide to keep their maiden names, some want to take on their new partner’s last name.

That was my story, too — scroll down to read how I decided to create this kit!

Along with being a lovely way to show your affection, taking your partner’s name or creating a new name that you both share can make it simpler to do things like taxes, register for loans, insurance, and even travel with your kids, if and when you have them.

After going through the hassle of changing my name myself a few years ago, I decided to pull everything I’d found into a handy kit for other newlyweds! That’s how the After the Wedding Marriage Name Change Kit was born.

Use this name change kit to change your name on your...

Driver’s license
Car registration
Bank accounts
Australian Taxation Office
Electoral enrollment
Insurance policies
Your Will
… and the list goes on …

Your "After The Wedding" Marriage Name Change Kit Includes...


Your kit comes with a 45-page manual with step-by-step instructions for changing your name after your wedding — no matter what you want to change your name to, or which key organisations you need to contact.


Your kit includes a comprehensive checklist and tracking form that covers over 60 areas and considerations when it comes to changing your name.


Your kit comes with the government forms you’ll need to use. I’ve included forms for each state and territory of Australia, so you don’t have to go looking for them yourself. I’ve also included letter templates you can use to contact various organisations — so don’t worry about what to write!


How do I make my name change legal? How do I get an official marriage certificate? What can I change my name to? When can I start the process? Are there any time limits or restrictions? And more answers to everything you've wondered.


Forget Google! I’ve done the research for you. Your kit includes a directory of over 200 companies (phone numbers, websites, and direct email addresses) so it’s easy to get in touch with the right people.

Created by a Fellow Aussie
& Backed by a 100% Refund Guarantee

Hi there, lovely new brides and grooms! Congratulations on your wedding.

My name is Vanessa, and I’m the creator behind After The Wedding and this Name Change Kit.

Five years ago, I embarked upon the long and tiring process of changing my name after I got married.

The wedding was over, and I thought all the hard stuff was done. But what I thought would be an exciting thing to do — take on my husband’s name — turned into one big hassle!

Back then (which wasn’t that long ago!), there wasn’t a central resource for information, and name change kits were unheard of.

I spent hours and hours ploughing through the Internet, waiting on hold, and asking people I knew how to go about changing my name.

Eventually, I decided to compile all of the information I had gathered and give it to other newlywed friends… and that was the beginning of my kit! I love being able to share this information to help other new brides change their names.

My hope is that this kit helps return a bit of the fun and nostalgia to one of the last projects in your wedding journey: changing your name.

My kit was the first ever to be offered as a downloadable kit in Australia — and while a lot of copycat kits have come and gone in the last five years, and new ones show up on Google every day, I still believe it’s the best DIY name change kit out there.

In fact, I’m so confident in how helpful the After The Wedding Name Change Kit will be to you that I’ll give your money back if the kit doesn’t help you with your name change.

I’ve spent 5 years creating and refining this kit, and it now includes input from other brides all over Australia!

All of the instructions you need to change your name are at your fingertips right now.

Your Name Change Kit will be delivered instantly by email
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Congratulations on your marriage, and all the best for your life as a new person … if only by name! ;)


7 Reasons to Choose This Kit
Over Other Name Change Kits

*It’s the original downloadable name change kit. This is the first ever downloadable kit in Australia — beware of poor imitations and copycats!

*100% money back guarantee. I am so confident that this is the best value for money kit out there that if you’re not happy with it for any reason, I’ll give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase. It’s a risk-free purchase! You can even take it for a test drive and if it doesn’t suit you, you’ll get a no-hassle refund.

*Updated regularly! The kit is updated very regularly to take into account any changes to processes or forms that may have happened in between you buying the kit and changing your name. I’ll tell you when it's updated and you can download the updates for FREE for 12 months!

*Your details stay completely private. Because this is a downloadable kit and not an online system, you’ll avoid privacy issues, identity fraud, and potential identity theft by keeping all your details private and filling out your own forms.

*Compiled by a real bride.I am a real bride who has already gone through this process and compiled the kit to create an easy and straightforward way to change your name for other newlyweds – after trying to navigate this frustrating process on my own!

*Download the entire kit instantly. Get all of the instructions and forms you need delivered right away to your inbox. No waiting for them to arrive in the post!

*Your payment information is safe. We use PayPal for 100% secure purchasing and privacy, so your information is always safe when you buy through After The Wedding.

Plus when you buy your kit, you’ll also get these FREE bonuses

FREE Will Kit!

Write your will and have your affairs in order quickly and easily with this couple’s will kit!

  • * Written by a legal professional
  • * Step by step instructions for you and your spouse to write your will
  • * A will template that can easily be filled out by a married couple
  • * Instructions on how to make your will legal

Post Wedding Checklist

Just when you thought all the organising was over … 24 more things to do after your wedding! But, with our checklist you will stay organised and get it done in no time.

  • Includes:
  • * Drycleaning and preservation
  • * Mail holds
  • * Updating beneficiaries
  • * Updating next of kin details
  • * Photo selection and album compilation and more…

Your Name Change Kit will be delivered instantly by email
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What Other Newlyweds Are Saying...

A fabulous idea!
5 Star Rating: Recommended
What a fabulous idea and a fabulous kit, it has made the process of changing my name so much more straight forward and organised.

A great resource
5 Star Rating: Recommended
I have had fantastic feedback from my clients about your name change kit and have found it to be a great resource to pass on.

It's so easy!
5 Star Rating: Recommended
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was tossing up whether to change my name or not because I thought it would be a huge big deal and I really couldn’t be bothered after organising a big wedding. But your kit has totally changed my mind – it’s so easy!

Such great value for money
5 Star Rating: Recommended
This kit is such great value for money, I can’t even buy my lunch these days for under $10! It’s such a great idea to have something like this available for new brides, thanks for putting it together!
Maryanne, Wedding Planner

Saved many hours and lots of frustration
5 Star Rating: Recommended
Vanessa, thank you for your great name change kit. It really made the world of difference and saved me many many hours (and lots of frustration I’m sure!) when changing my name. Good luck with your business.

Every bride should have one!
5 Star Rating: Recommended
Your kit has saved me SO much time!! I thought changing my name would take forever and be really confusing, but I just took it step by step and followed your manual each step of the way. It was really easy. I’m going to give your kit to my friends as wedding presents because every bride should have one.

Rated 4.7/5 based on 128 customer reviews


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Your Name Change Kit will be delivered instantly by email
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If you’re not happy with your purchase, let me know within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

You will not receive a kit in the mail. This is an electronic kit that you download straight onto your computer, read through the manual and then print out the forms as you need them.
Easy! If you have any problems, just send me an email and I’ll give you a hand.