How to Change Your Name Before Your Wedding

Wouldn't it be lovely if you could change your name before you got married. Get all the paperwork in. Have it all organised. So once the wedding is over, all the organising is done! But unfortunately because you don't get a Marriage Certificate until after your wedding, it's not possible to change your name until after you get married.

Or is it?

Of course you can change your name before your wedding!

Whoever is telling you that you can't obviously doesn't know much about name changes. It just takes a little thinking outside the box. Let me tell you how it's done.

Actually, let's go back one step. Traditionally, if you are changing to your husband's name, then you would get married, get your Marriage Certificate and then proceed to change your name. So naturally it's not possible to change your name using your Marriage Certificate if you're not married yet. But, did you know that (virtually) anyone can change their name at (virtually) any time they like? And did you know that you can change your name just like these people?

It's what I call a 'standard name change' and my name change kit will tell you exactly how to do it, step by step, with the forms included. So, you can start changing your name now, even if you're not married yet!

Changing your name before you get married is perfect if you:

* Don't want to do any more organising after your wedding,

* Are going overseas on your honeymoon and want to travel in your new name.

The only negative aspect to changing your name in this way is that your birth certificate may be amended with your new name, and some people aren't keen on this.

For the whole low down, check out the name change kit.

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