Starting a Family

Ready, set … baby!

Or, so you might think! For a very small percentage of the population this may be true, but for most of us there is a lot more involved in starting a family.

Use our checklist below to see if you have thought everything through, and assess what needs to happen next to aid a quick conception, healthy and happy pregnancy, and a healthy baby.

10 Things to Consider Before You Start Trying to Conceive

  1. Are you ready to be a parent?
  2. Have you checked your bank account recently?
  3. The age factor; where do you fit?
  4. When was your last doctors visit?
  5. Pre-conceptions checkups are a must.
  6. Are you ready to quit?
  7. Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs reduce fertility, and harm unborn babies.
  8. How long have you been popping pills?
  9. Folate is an essential ingredient for a healthy baby, and it is recommended that you start taking folate supplements (at least 500mcg) three months before conception.
  10. Do you know how to get pregnant?
  11. This might seem like a silly question, but there is only a small window of opportunity each month to achieve pregnancy. See our recommended tips below for maximising your chances.
  12. How do you measure up?
  13. There is a perfect body weight for pregnancy, do you know what it is, and where you fit?
  14. It’s all in the genes.
  15. What could you be passing onto your baby? Is there a history of genetic issues in your family that you should get checked out? This goes beyond the basic pre-conception check and involves more extensive genetic testing.
  16. Are you ready for a rollercoaster?
  17. Difficulties getting pregnant are more common than you may think.

The Importance of Knowing your Fertility Levels

Knowing your fertility levels is key when you are trying to get pregnant. One of the best ways is to chart your fertility symptoms using natural family planning techniques. This will help you identify ovulation and know the best times for intercourse each month to maximize your chances. There is only a small window of opporunity each month and you don’t want to miss it! Also, knowing how your body is working will put your mind at ease (in the somewhat stressful time when trying to conceive) as you see your body doing exactly what it should. Or, it will help you move quicker through medical testing if you discover something is wrong, or getting pregnant takes longer than you expect.

The Hormonal Forecaster software helps users record personal symptoms, generate symptothermal charts, and interpret those charts. It can help users new to charting understand how it works and even offer tremendous convenience to experienced users. Millions of women around the world are re-discovering charting, you should join the revolution!

You can download the Hormonal Forecaster right now for free so you can get started right away.

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