Fun Things to do After Your Wedding

Trash The Dress

Have you ever seen those amazing photos of brides swimming under water or in the ocean in their wedding dress? That's called "trash the dress" and you can do that to. You will need a photographer that specialises in under water photography to do this for you, not every wedding photographer will have the right gear. If this isn't something your wedding photographer can do, you can always do the photo shoot on another day. Maybe as a one month anniversary idea?

Have part of your dress preserved inside a necklace.

There are lots of Etsy suppliers who will do this for you. They can create and air and toxin free environment to keep part of your wedding dress, usually an embellishment such as lace or beadwork, inside a locket or glass or silicone necklace. Now you can take a piece of your wedding with you every day.

Donate your flowers to a children's hospital or nursing home.

Especially if you're going straight on your honeymoon and won't see them again, giving your flowers to a children's hospital or nursing home will brighten up the days of those that will get to enjoy them. You can ask your parents or close friends to do this for you after your wedding, or take them yourself the next day. It's a good idea to call ahead and ask if this is okay first.

Make a special mini-album for your helpers.

This could be your parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen and others who helped to make your day special. You can inscribe a special thank you note inside the front cover.

I can guarantee you'll love making this as much as your loved ones will love receiving it. This is a beautiful way to thank those involved in your wedding and is much more personal and long lasting than a bottle of wine or box of chocolates. If your photographer is organising the printing of your wedding album, they will be able to help you with this too, and you may be able to negotiate a good rate if you're getting a few printed.

Have a mini-moon.

Not everyone can go on their honeymoon straight away, but that doesn't mean you can't have a few days to get away after your wedding. Is there somewhere you can drive to relax and recoup after your big day? Beach or country escapes are great, where there's not a lot to do an you won't bump into anyone you know. But equally, a staycation in a boutique hotel in the city where all you can do is lounge around all day is equally relaxing!

Invite the key players in your big day over for a special anniversary brunch, lunch or dinner one year later.

First wedding anniversaries are great, but even better is sharing them with those who spent your wedding day with you. There will be lots of stories, lots of laughs and you can even use any left over wedding cake that you have frozen for dessert. You can make it as big of a deal as you like, from inviting just your immediate families, your bridal party, or having a really big bash with a whole bunch of friends. Even better? Make it a surprise for your partner!

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