Selling Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding

There are a number of reasons why you might want to sell your wedding dress, but surprisingly, of all the brides who buy their dress with the intention of selling it afterwards, only 15% will actually follow-through and sell it! So of those who do, why do they sell their dress?

A large financial outlay.

Many brides find it difficult to justify keeping something that cost them thousands of dollars in storage, even for sentimental reasons.

Increased cash flow.

Brides that never intended to sell their wedding dress often change their mind when they need a little extra cash. With dresses in a good condition and meeting current fashion trends picking up 50-75% of their original price, this can create a significant deposit to the bank account!

Passing on good success.

If they had a great wedding, many brides feel that by selling their wedding dress they are passing on their good luck.

Better to sell it now rather than later.

Wedding dress trends come and go so brides who think that they might sell their dress one day often decide to sell now rather than later, as they can get a better price for an in-season dress, rather than one that is out dated.

Tips for Selling Your Wedding Dress

List as much information as you can about your dress in your ad. Include the size, style, designer, the material type, colour, when it was bought, measurements if you know them, train length if it has a train, any detail that the dress has on it, care instructions from the label, any accessories that you are prepared to sell with the dress, any defects or stains on the dress, if it has been dry cleaned, how it has been stored between your wedding and now, and also be sure to list any alterations that were made to it.

Include as many photos as you can with the ad if you are advertising on the internet. You should have at least one full length photo of the dress, a close up of the bodice and pictures of any detail on the dress. It can be helpful for potential buyers to see the dress on a hanger as well as how it looks on. This could be one of your wedding photos, but you can blur out or cut off your head if you don’t want your photo made public.

Be very clear in your ad about payment method, whether or not you are will allow potential customers to view or try on your dress, whether you will post the dress or not and if so, how much this will cost.

Make the asking price clear, including if you are prepared to take the nearest offer (ONO) or negotiate the price. You should also indicate if the price includes any accessories that come with the dress (for example, your veil) or if this is selling for a separate price. When setting your selling price, a reasonably new dress is very good condition will usually pick up between 50-75% of the original price. However, you should also take the following into account:

* If it is brand new (never worn), second hand (worn by yourself only) or third hand (you bought it second hand);
* How old it is (based on when it was made, not when it was worn);
* The dress’s condition;
* If the dress has been dry cleaned;
* If the dress has been professionally stored between your wedding and now;
* If it is a designer or off the rack dress,
* How quickly you want to sell the dress;
* If you are allowing viewings for potential customers;
* If postage is included in the asking price.Be wary of scams and double check that you have the full payment before handing over your dress.

There have been lots of reported scams where buyers send out fake PayPal payment emails or bank transfer confirmations to the seller and then disappear into nowhere with their unpaid for goods.Shop around for the best deal for selling your dress as advertising costs can vary significantly. A few that you can sell your dress include the list below, however there are a lot more out there!

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