Free Wedding Organiser Software

A free wedding planning organiser (using Microsoft Excel) to take care of all of your wedding planning tasks. See below to find out what it includes.

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(Choose 'enable macros' to allow the formulas and calcluations to work)

A wedding 'to do' checklist

Unlike any you’ve seen before! Everthing you need to do leading up to your wedding from the time you get engaged. Broken down into things that need to happen straight away, down to what you need to do the day before. You can even enter your wedding date and it will calculate ‘to do’ dates for you!

Budget spreadsheet

Keep track of all of your expenses and potential expenses in this great wedding budget spreadsheet. See where you are spending too much and where you can afford to spend more. Compare your budget against the average cost of a wedding and keep track of your deposits and due dates. The budget spreadsheet is broken down into each area of your wedding and ensures there are no hidden expeneses or things you will forget to budget for.

Wedding guest worksheet

Getting your guest list sorted can be a tiring task. Where do you draw the line on who comes and who isn’t invited? Do you have a list A and a list B? A list of backup guests?Use this handy guest list worksheet and ‘making the cut’ will be made easy! It’s too hard to explain, so just open the spreadsheet and have a look – you’ll love it!And of course there is a final guest list where you can document all of your invited guests, their addresses, when an invitation was sent, RSVPs, table allocations, what gift you received and when a thank you card was sent.

Wedding supplier organiser sheet

Keep track of all of your suppliers (and potential suppliers) in the one place with the supplier organiser sheet. No scrolling through your phone contact list, misplacing business cards or writing on scraps of paper.

Photography list

The photo organiser lists popular formal photo compositions (who should appear in which photo) and will help keep the photography side of your day slick and under control. Don’t miss anyone out and don’t spend ages trying to figure out who should be in the next photo.

Wedding day schedule

When everything else is organised, finally the big day arrives! And of course you will need a wedding day schedule to make sure you arrive at the church on time! Keep yourself and your groom on time and your day running smoothly


A basic calendar to keep track of your key dates is also included.

Click here to download your free wedding planning organiser

(Choose 'enable macros' to allow the formulas and calcluations to work)

Wedding Planning and Saving Guide:

The Wedding Dress
The Bridesmaid Dresses, The Groom & Groomsmen’s Attire
Hair, Makeup & Jewellery, Shoes
The Ceremony & Music
The Reception Venue, Catering & Drinks
The Flowers, Cake & Bonbonniere (Favors)
The Photos
The Transport
Invitations, The Bridal Shower, Hen’s Night & Buck’s Night
The Gifts & The Honeymoon
How to Change Name After Getting Married (Australia)