Name Change Kits for Celebrants & Wedding Planners

Using our online ordering system you can buy a name change kit for your client and have it delivered automatically on the date of your choice. You can also include a personal message.

If you would like to also give something in hard copy to your client, flyers (at the bottom of the page) that can be printed and given in a card, in your information pack, with the marriage certificate after the wedding or emailed.


1 - 10 name change kits = retail price
Over 10 name change kits = 50% discount

Please contact us after your 10th purchase and we will provide you with a discount code for 50% off all of your future purchases.

(This code can also be provided to your clients if you would like to offer them a discount rather than purchasing a kit for them).

How to Order

After clicking on the add to cart button below, choose the blue gift icon and enter your client's details.

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