Name Change Kits for Celebrants & Wedding Planners

A unique and practical gift for your brides and grooms, a name change kit will help them navigate the process of changing their name after marriage.

The name change kit includes:

How it Works

Our name change kit is a digital kit that is downloaded as a PDF. The beauty of this is our customers can use it straight away (no waiting for mail!) and they can print out the parts that they need, or use it totally online.

When ordering, you can choose the date that you would like the name change kit delivered (it will be delivered by email). You can also include a personal message.

If you would like to also give something in hard copy to your client, flyers (at the bottom of the page) that can be printed and given in a card, in your information pack, with the marriage certificate after the wedding or emailed.


1 - 10 name change kits = retail price
Over 10 name change kits = 50% discount

Please contact us after your 10th purchase and we will provide you with a discount code for 50% off all of your future purchases.

(This code can also be provided to your clients if you would like to offer them a discount rather than purchasing a kit for them).

How to Order

After clicking on the add to cart button below, choose the blue gift icon and enter your client's details.

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