Post Wedding Checklist

All the tasks that need to be completed after your wedding

It’s not quite time to rest yet, there’s is still a lot to do after a wedding! All of that running around and organising has almost come to an end…

Use our checklist below to help you get sorted after your wedding, and in no time you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the bliss of married life.

post wedding checklist

Organise for your bridal bouquet to be preserved.

Most brides like to keep some kind of momento of their bridal bouquet whether it be pressing selected flowers or preserving the whole bouquet. If you are wanting to go down the preservation route, it’s usually best to contact a preservation specialist before your wedding.

checkmarkMore information about preserving your flowers.

Dry clean your wedding dress and have it preserved

Getting this done as quickly as possible after your wedding will mean than any dirt or stains will be easier to remove.

checkmarkClick here to find out how wedding dresses are dry cleaned.
checkmarkFind out how to choose a dry cleaner for your wedding dress.

Return all rented clothing.

Most rented clothing needs to be returning within a week of your wedding, so it’s a good idea to allocate this task to a friend or family member. Ask them before the wedding, organise how you will get the clothing to them, and provide them with the delivery address and any receipts that need to be presented with returning the clothing.

Return all borrowed accessories.

If you have borrowed accessories from friends or family it’s acceptable to return them after your honeymoon. A thank you card (and gift if it was a substantial loan) can accompany the item you are returning. When borrowing things make sure to ask when they are needed back. If the person you have loaned from needs it back while you are on your honeymoon, you could have someone else return it on your behalf.

Return all rented equipment.

If you have rented equipment such as a sound system, microphone setup, tables, seating, crockery or other catering equipment you will need to return it promptly. If you are going straight on your honeymoon you will need to ask someone else to arrange the return of rented equipment, or someone to be present for its collection.

Turn on/ off your out of office / away message on your email.

Don’t forget to turn on an out of office message on your email letting everyone know that you’re married and off enjoying your honeymoon!

Contact your gift registry to have gifts delivered.

The delivery date is usually organised before your wedding. It can be good to give your registry an emergency contact phone number of a family member or friend just incase there are any issues if you are off honeymooning.

Contact your photographer and compile your album.

If you can, organise this date well ahead of your wedding. The last thing you want is to get back from your honeymoon, call your photographer to go and see your photos only to find out they’re busy with weddings every weekend for the next few months. Setting this date in advance also gives your photographer a deadline for processing and editing your photos and means you are likely to get them quicker than if they just “call you when they’re ready”. If you haven’t booked in a photo viewing before your wedding, jump onto it straight after your wedding. It’s much better to say to your photographer “I would like to set a date and time to come and look at the photos with you” than “when do you think they will be ready?”

Contact your videographer for a viewing.

See above for the exact same advice.

Share your wedding photos.

You've already shared your photos on social media, right? How about your celebrate them a little more than that, your wedding photos have been a significant investment, afterall. There are lots of options, but online albums and flipbooks are trending right now. Have a look at these (but don't forget to check copyright issues with your photographer):




Shutterfly Share Sites

Wedding Photo Swap

The Guest Photo Sharing App

Get an official registered copy of your marriage certificate.

Your marriage celebrant will register your wedding and perhaps give you a certificate on the day of your wedding. This is not your registered certificate though, and you will need your registered certificate for most of your name change process (if you are changing your name).

checkmarkSee the name change kit for more information.

Write and send out thank you cards.

Some guests will be waiting for them you know! Click on the link on the right for sample thank you card text ideas.

checkmark Get some sample thank you card text ideas here.

Change your name.

Whether you’re taking on your husband’s name, hyphenating or making up a new name, my name change kit can help you (and your husband!) change your name, hassle free.
checkmarkFind out how to change your name.
checkmarkUse a name change kit.

Inform organisations of your marital status (if not changing your name).

Some organisations (such as Centrelink) need to know if your marital status has changed. And there may be other organisations that you want to change your title from Miss to Mrs with.

Create a wedding memento box.

A great place to store all of your wedding memorabilia.

checkmarkClick here for more information

Update your Will.

It’s incredibly important to update your will after marriage, because marriage cancels any previous wills unless your previous will was made in contemplation of marriage.

checkmarkFind out how to write or change a Will after marriage.

Change your address (if applicable)

Apparently 60% of newlyweds will move house within 12 months of marrying.

checkmarkUse our free moving kit to help if you are one of the 60%.

Get (or change) a life insurance policy.

Even if you’re not ready to take out a life insurance policy, it is an important thing to talk about and consider for your future.

checkmarkClick here for more information

Update your beneficiary for life insurance / superannuation.

You may already have your partner listed as the beneficiary for your life insurance policy and superannuation, but if not, now is the time to do it!