Name Change Kit

Wondering how to change your name after marriage? Where do you start? How do you actually make it legal? Our marriage name change kit will help you from the very start until every last thing is checked off.

If you don't have any idea what you should be doing or where to get started, we'll guide you step by step, explain it all, and then give you all the tools you need to get it done.

And if you've made a start but gotten stuck, or keep forgetting places, or just feel overwhelmed ... let our name change kit take the reigns and get everything back in order for you.

Get laser focussed, organised, and have the perfect system at your fingertips!

It includes a gigantic checklist for your name change, instructions for the most common businesses and organisations you will need to contact, forms you will need to use when changing your name after marriage, letter templates and an extensive company contact directory.

We've packaged everything you need into one handy kit that you can download in less than 2 minutes, and use anywhere; phone, tablet, computer ... the choice is yours.

Find out more about the marriage name change kit here.

"Taking the time and stress out of your post wedding tasks"

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Will Kit

The most important thing you can do after your wedding, but also the most over-looked thing for newlywed couples - updating your Will! Did you know that marriage cancels any current Wills, (unless you have made a Will in contemplation of your marriage)? Did you know that if you've been married before, separation or divorce doesn't cancel your previous Will? Did you know that if you die without a Will all of your assets and belongings don't automatically go to your spouse? And it gets even more confusing if you have children!

If you die without a valid Will the law decides where your assets and belongings go. This applies to everyone and does not take into account an individual’s wishes or situation. (Source: Legal Aid Victoria).

If you have a financial situation that is not complex, the easiest way to make a Will is to use a Will Kit. You don't need a solicitor, and it can be a quick and easy way to make sure that your wishes are documented. We have the best value for money will kit for couples out there, you can even get a free will kit with your purchase of the marriage name change kit.

Drop on over to our will kit section and take a look!

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Post Wedding Checklist

Post Wedding Checklist

Just because your wedding is over doesn't mean your to-do list is all checked off. What about all those after the wedding tasks? Like thank you cards, dry cleaning your gown and husband's suit, changing your name, compiling your wedding album, giving back all the things you've borrowed... and the list goes on!

Use this free post-wedding checklist to make it all happen!

Moving Kit

Moving Kit

Are you moving, either before or after your wedding? Our moving kit is 100% free and will help you plan and execute your move with less hassle. Advice, tips and moving checklists that will get you organised started weeks before you moving date, right down to moving day.

Find out more about our free moving kit.