Help With
Your Name Change Kit

The name change kit is a PDF file that works best when opened with Adobe Reader. If you don't have Adobe Reader you can download it for free from To make sure you are using Adobe Reader and not another application such as Preview, close the kit, open Adobe Reader, then select File > Open > select the name change kit.

1. Check the links further on in the manual and see if they are working. The buttons saying "paper form" and "online form" on page 5 of the kit are examples only, and don't go anywhere.

2. Make sure you are connected to the internet. Most of these links go to online forms or webpages and won't work if you're not connected.

Please read through name change kit manual which will explain what forms are included - not every organisation has an official form for you to use and instructions on how to change your name with these organisations are in the manual.

I can easily re-activate your link for you within 12 months of purchase. Just send me an email with the name and email address you used with purchasing.

Your purchase comes with 12 months of free updates and downloads. Just use the email you received after purchase to download your kit again.

Use the email you received after your purchase, it has all of the instructions for downloading your name change kit (and make sure you keep this email in a safe place!) When you download the kit again you will automatically be downloading the most updated version.

If the kit won't open, it's most likely because it hasn't finished downloading, or the download process was interrupted. Try downloading the kit again.

Your name change kit either didn't download properly, or you're using a very old version of Adobe Reader. Try:

1. Downloading the name change kit again.

2. Get an updated version of Adobe Reader from It's free.

No, the name change kit and all of the forms are free for you to use / print as you like. If you are trying to print at your workplace there might be network security restrictions for printing certain PDFs - so check with your IT department or print it at home.