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5 stars
It has definitely made the process more simple, I don’t have to sit down and make list after list on where I have to go to change my name, So it has been a major time saver! I was only lucky enough to have come across your name change kit due to a few Google searches, If you haven’t already, I’d strongly recommend approaching a few bridal mags in the hope of getting your name out there more! It literally has been a godsend. Cassandra, 2014

5 stars
It made everything easier by providing a list of the places where I would need to change my name. I love the update emails as I still havnt got around to changing my name so that helps! Amanda, 2014

5 stars
I purchased it for my daughter as she was a little overwhelmed at the amount of places she needed to contact. It saved a lot of running around and very helpful as the updates prevented submitting the outdated forms and having to fill in more paperwork. Easy to commit time to filling them in all at once and getting them sent in one day. A great time saver, I didn’t have to waste time running around to many different offices collecting forms. Name withheld, 2014

4 stars
I Thought it would be posted out… took me a while to realise it was all online… Sometimes I find it easier having the physical forms in front of me straight away… :-) But that’s only a little thing – I know I can print them out! Jennifer, 2014

5 stars
Made the very time consuming process of changing my name much more straight forward. I really appreciated the tick list as a prompt for many organisations who need to be notified of your name change. Sally, 2014

4 stars
I had problems downloading the kit, and after a few emails back and forwards with Vanessa I contacted my work’s IT department only to discover that I can’t download things onto my work computer due to security restrictions. Vanessa was very understanding and gave me a refund straight away. So although I haven’t actually used the name change kit, I have given it 4 stars because of the amazing product that I’m sure it is and the suburb customer service I received.

5 stars
This kit has helped me so much I was so confused to what I had to get done
It was really stressing me out. Saved me time and helped me know where I had to change my name.
Thanks so much x Cindy, 2014

5 stars
Easy and time saving. Loved it! Danielle, 2014

5 stars
It has made the entire process simple! Something I was very concerned about dealing with after the wedding is now so easy! Very very pleased! Keep up the great work! Ramonda, 2014

5 stars
Time saving, stress reducing, easy access and really informative. It made the process smoother and less daunting.
Would recommend to any bride to be! Name withheld, 2014

5 stars
I found the checklist really handy as it has helped me remember the businesses that i didnt really think of and helped me in the process of how to do everything. Karina, 2014

5 stars
Made the whole process easy to understand and logical steps, saved time and headaches! Love it! Vicki, 2014

5 stars
The name change kit saved me heaps of time. I have a checklist for all the places I need to change my name including a list of ones I would have forgotten if I hadn’t had the kit! It’s been great to have easy access to the phone numbers and forms that I need too, rather than having to go searching for them! The kit is worth every cent! Amey, 2014

5 stars
The name change kit has saved lots of time, clearly outlining the process and listing nearly all the providers you need to change your name it. It would literaly have saved me hours. Amy, 2014

5 stars
Saved time and made things easy by consolidating it all into the one place. There is actually a lot involved and it is really time consuming so it really helped me. Bridgit, 2014

5 stars
Given all the info I need so I don’t have to chase it. Included things I wouldn’t have even thought of. Alison, 2014

5 stars
I had no idea where to start! I hate paperwork as it is and this just made it so simple! I just followed it step by step. The checklist was definitely useful! Great idea and advice! Thank you! Pru, 2014

4 stars
The checklist was great & the forms have been the most benificial. A great idea that is very helpful for all new brides. I have purchased the kit for a friend and I’m sure she will also find it very benificial. Chrystal, 2014

5 stars
I had no idea where to start. Literally no idea. Your kit is amazing!!! Just like you said it would, it took my step by step through the process and gave me all the info and forms and everything that I needed. If I’d tried to do it on my own I bet I’d have given up half way through!! Lol!!! Emma, 2014

5 stars
Thanks Vanessa for such a great kit that has saved my life, and also for the updates, I really appreciate the time and effort that must be involved in emailing them out. Good one!

3 stars
It was confusing knowing which forms I was required to use. I sent away the Queensland name change form and paid $160 only to be told it was not required, lucky for me they were willing to refund the $160. Turns out for me I really didn’t need the name change kit. For others though I can see how it would be useful. Amy, 2014
Response: Thanks for your feedback Amy, and sorry that your experience wasn’t the quick and easy one it should have been. I have edited the kit to make sure it is very clear in explaining what forms you need to send off and when. Kindest regards, Vanessa.

5 stars
The best part of the name change kit was having all the important forms, even ones you didn’t think about! One of the best things is that it gets updated with any changes to the forms. Name withheld, 2014

4 stars
The manual was the part of the kit that helped me the most as I learnt a lot about the name change process for different companies. I imagine I would have wasted a lot of time going back and forth to companies if I didn’t read the manual first. I think it should be more personalised to your state. I felt like I downloaded an unnecessary amount of forms that were for other states. The option to only download national and your home state forms would be much better. Penny, 2014
Response: Thank you Penny, I have taken your advice on board and the name change kit is now sorted by state. I really appreciate your feedback, thank you! Vanessa

5 stars
Which part of the kit did I like the most? Honestly I loved it all…I had tried to find all the forms myself before I found the kit but once I found the kit it made everything so much easier. Name not provided, 2014


Reviews Submitted by Email or In-house Survey Prior to 2014

(Star ratings were not requested until 2014)

THANK YOU VANESSA!!!! I love your name change kit, it has bought back my sanity!! I really thought I was going to go bonkers, I wish I had found you before I got half way through this horrid process. Stacey, 2013

When a friend mentioned how many things needed to be done, I panicked! Your kit has made it really easy, I would have been an anxious mess trying to do all of this myself. Name requested to be withheld, 2013

Our celebrant informed us of your kit. This kit is of interest because there is so much to try think off and this makes it super easy. Name requested to be withheld, 2012

Three weeks after the wedding I went to Births Deaths and Marriages to get my official wedding certificate and the customer service lady mentioned I had the long haul adhead of me now – ie making a list of people to change my name with / hunting down forms etc. I went straight to my husband’s office to see if there was a way I could outsource it and found your website. Thank you for making it easy. Name requested to be withheld, 2012

I didn’t even realise a product like yours existed. When I googled “how to change your name when married” you came up. I thought terrific. I can get everything done at once. Name requested to be withdeld, 2012

I have had fantastic feedback from my clients about your name change kit and have found it to be a great resource to pass on.
Irene, Marriage Celebrant, 2010

What a fabulous idea and a fabulous kit, it has made the process of changing my name so much more straight forward and organised.
Michelle, 2010

Just wanted to send a special thank you for your fabulous ‘after the wedding’ name change kit. After being the main organiser of the Wedding Day I wasn’t looking forward to the task of changing name too… I downloaded your kit and being a ‘list’ girl myself felt in control and organised when changing my name.
Felicity, 2009

Thanks so much, love your kit!
Julie-ann, 2009

I am really impressed by the thoroughness of your kit, including the regular updates. It is a very well thought out and wonderfully executed resource for newlyweds.
Rhonda, Wedding Celebrant, 2009

I recommend this name change kit to all of my clients – it is simply the best name change resource I have found.
Anita – Wedding Celebrant, 2008

I bought this kit for my (new!) wife and have to say how impressed I am with all of the information it includes, and forms, and how great value it is at only $10. Every new bride should know about your kit!
Michael, 2008

Thank you for the updates to the name change kit, it is not only a great kit you have, but wonderful customer service.
Susan, 2008

Why didn’t someone tell me about this kit before I started changing my name? It’s still a great resource to have, even though I’m already half way through the process. I will definitely be referring my engaged friends to your website, or maybe I should just buy them a kit as a wedding present!
Name withheld, 2008

This is seriously the best thing I have seen throughout my whole wedding planning adventure. So easy!
Jody, 2007

Thanks Vanessa for putting together such a great name change kit. It has everything I wanted plus heaps of things I totally forgot about. I will definitely be recommending it to my friends when they get married.
Michelle, 2007

I bought two other kits and was really disappointed but in a last ditch effort bought this kit, and was pleasantly surprised. It’s the only one I could find that has everything I need with proper instructions. Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Tessa, 2007

What a great resource that I can give to my clients. Wonderful of you to put it together and to be so accommodating to others in the wedding industry!
Name withheld – Wedding Celebrant, 2006

This is the first thing of its kind that I have seen and it has certainly made my life a lot easier. Great value for money too.
Maree, 2006

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