Wedding Anniversaries

1st Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gift: Paper
1st Wedding Anniversary Modern Gift: Clock
1st Wedding Anniversary Flower: Pansy
1st Wedding Anniversary Gemstone: Gold Jewelry, Pearl, or Peridot
1st Wedding Anniversary Color: Papyrus Yellow


First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


You can let your creative juices flow when deciding how to encorporate some romantic tradition into your first wedding anniversary. Perhaps you could get a gift in a traditional colour, buy jewellry with a traditional gemstone, organise a surprise bouquet of traditional flowers, or go with a traditional or modern gift.

Here are some traditional gift ideas, based on the first wedding anniversary theme of paper, to get your ideas flowing.

1. Buy tickets to your spouse’s favourite theatre, musical, or sporting event.

2. Get a gift voucher for your spouse’s favourite store.

3. Purchase a book about one of your spouse’s passions.

4. Write a love letter or a poem, and have it professionally designed and printed.

5. Buy a painting.

6. Choose a frame for a favourite wedding or post-wedding photo of both of you.

7. Look through speciality stationary and gift stores for a unique diary or journal.

8. Buy a special photo album and document your first year together.

9. Get a gift un-related to paper, and leave clues written on paper around your home to it’s secret location.

10. Write a voucher for a special occasion, such as dinner at a nice restaurant, a movie, a massage etc.


Wedding Anniversary Traditional and Modern Gifts

1st Anniversary

Traditional gift: paper
Modern gift: clock
Traditional flower: pansy
Traditional gemstone: peridot
Traditional colour: papyrus

2nd Anniversary

Traditional gift: cotton
Modern gift: china
Traditional flower: cosmos
Traditional gemstone: red garnet
Traditional colour: linen white

3rd Anniversary

Traditional gift: leather
Modern gift: crystal glass
Traditional flower: fuchsia
Traditional gemstone: jade
Traditional colour: fawn

5th Anniversary

Traditional gift: wood
Modern gift: silverwear
Traditional flower: daisy
Traditional gemstone: pink tourmaline
Traditional colour: turquoise

6th Anniversary

Traditional gift: candy / iron
Modern gift: crystal wood
Traditional flower: calla lily
Traditional gemstone: turquoise
Traditional colour: white

7th Anniversary

Traditional gift: wool / copper
Modern gift: crystal desk sets
Traditional flower: jack-in-the-pulpit
Traditional gemstone: yellow sapphire
Traditional colour: off white

8th Anniversary

Traditional gift: bronze / pottery
Modern gift: linen / lace
Traditional flower: clematis
Traditional gemstone: tanzanite
Traditional colour: bronze

9th Anniversary

Traditional gift: willow / pottery
Modern gift: leather
Traditional flower: poppy
Traditional gemstone: amethyst
Traditional colour: terracotta

10th Anniversary

Traditional gift: tin
Modern gift: diamond
Traditional flower: daffodil
Traditional gemstone: blue sapphire
Traditional colour: silver

15th Anniversary

Traditional gift: crystal
Modern gift: watches
Traditional flower: rose
Traditional gemstone: rhodolite
Traditional colour: ruby red

20th Anniversary

Traditional gift: china
Modern gift: platinum
Traditional flower: day lily
Traditional gemstone: yellow diamond
Traditional colour: emerald green

25th Anniversary

Traditional gift: silver
Modern gift: silver
Traditional flower: iris
Traditional gemstone: tsavorite
Traditional colour: silver

30th Anniversary

Traditional gift: pearl
Modern gift: diamond
Traditional flower: sweet pea
Traditional gemstone: pearl
Traditional colour: green

40th Anniversary

Traditional gift: ruby
Modern gift: ruby
Traditional flower: nasturtium
Traditional gemstone: cat's eye
Traditional colour: ruby red

50th Anniversary

Traditional gift: gold
Modern gift: gold
Traditional flower: violet
Traditional gemstone: imperial topaz
Traditional colour: gold