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Couple's Will Kit

A complete kit, designed for Australian newlyweds
who want to write a new Will after marriage.

The most important document you will sign after your marriage certificate, is your will.

Write your will and have your affairs in order in under an hour with this will kit! The quick and easy solution to writing a will after marriage.

This will kit has been written by a legal professional and is suitable for any married couple who needs to write a simple will.

Features of the Will Kit


Step by step instructions for you and your spouse to write your will.


A will template that can easily be filled out by a married couple.


Instructions on how to make your will legal.

This will kit explains:

* What a will is
* Will formalities
* What happens if you don’t have a will
* When you should change your will
* What you can include in your will
* Where you should store your will
* How you can revoke your will
* How you can amend your will
* How to construct your will
* How your will is made a legal document

Included Templates:

* A complete will template, just fill in the blanks (one for you and one for your partner)
* An asset and property checklist with template to fill in
* An Executor’s Memorandum template (not part of your legal will, but the document that goes to your Executor)

Important Information:

You do not need to register your will. You do not need a lawyer to sign it. You do not need to pay any additional fees at all.

This is the complete kit that tells you everything you need to do to have a legal will!

(If you have complex financial affairs (such as a self managed superannuation fund, family trust, or if you own a business) you will need a more complex will and a solicitor to help you write this. But if you have a straight forward financial situation, this will kit is for you!)

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