How to Choose Photos For Your Wedding Album

There will usually be a limit to the number of photos you can have in your wedding album, and this is based on the package you have chosen with your wedding photographer. Often the package is chosen upfront, however photographers usually allow you to add more later, but keep in mind that this can often be at an inflated price and a few extra photos can blow out your wedding photography budget quickly.

Choosing the right photos is extremely important. It is not only a matter of cost, but you’re going to want to look back at your photos in the years to come and see the right memories. Here are some tips from seasoned brides about how to choose the right photos.

Choosing photos starts as a process of elimination. Sort your photos into piles of yes, no and maybe, and this will make your job easier from the start.

Think about how you might group photos together, and what photos work well together.

Don’t forget to compromise. If you get to include a photo that you really like but your partner isn’t keen on, you should allow the same.

Is there an ugly car in the background? Don’t discount this photo – you may look back on it in 20 years and have a giggle about the ‘old fashioned’ car in the background! The same goes for buildings and landmarks.

Don’t forget to include close up photos of your hair (perhaps from the back?), your dress, your invitations, your flowers etc. While you don’t need a lot of these in your album, a few to show off the style and detail of your wedding will enhance your album.

Choose different poses.

Choose different backgrounds.

Choose from different photo processing techniques (colour, black and white, sepia, cross processed) but take care in mixing these on the same page.

Photos where the horizon is not level will not generally look compatible with other photos.

If you can’t choose between multiple nearly identical photos, ask friends, family or the photographer for their opinion as they may pick up on something that you haven’t.

If there are some funny or whimsical shots that you like, but don’t think fit the formality of your album, consider having a second album just made up of fun photos.

This is your album, you are under no obligation to include photos of every family member or friend in your album.

Imagine what you will want to see when you look back at your album in 10 years, and make ‘no regrets’ choices about what you include.

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